Friday, 13 June 2014

Hi, It's Greg... I've Got Nothing to Say...

I have been doing some travelling recently and will do some more of it in a short while, so blogging will be more sporadic than usual over the next few weeks or so. I may write the occasional post, but the frequency will surely not reach "semi daily". I think I have made 46 posts before this one since I started this blog in March, so if anyone feels inclined to read some of those while I am adding to them at a much-reduced pace, I may help out by highlighting a few of them:
  • From March, here is some puzzling evidence on death rates and human capital. In brief, more valuable skills should mean more incentives to improve and maintain one's health, which I believe is generally true empirically, but performers of British chart-toppers still have higher death rates at practically every age than do Brits in general. Why might that be?
  • And why, given political competition, do the worst atrocities seem to happen in countries led by parties with totalitarian-sounding names?
  • On the topic of questions, what is wrong with Hayek's The Road to Serfdom? This book, by the way, celebrates its 70th anniversary this year.
  • A post about women's market incomes relative to those of men within their households. I discuss a well-written paper and suggest an alternative interpretation of its findings.
  • Here, I question the power of ideas.
  • I talked about building fa├žades and externalities in early May.
  • A critique of Rawls, original with me as far as I can tell (so caveat emptor!)
  • I don't say anything of particular interest here, but I feel compelled to mention again the tragedy which befell the science of economics when my hero Professor Gary Becker passed away. His passing still makes me feel empty. I remembered him here and here.
These are just some posts to which my thoughts have drifted back on occasion, not my "top ten", though I hope they will amuse nonetheless. Happy reading!

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